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CDI Principal software engineer - dsp marketing, experienced professionals, design engineering

chez Arm à Sophia-Antipolis en categorie electronique-hardware

ARM is setting up a team of software engineers based at its Sophia Antipolis office to specialize in Digital Signal Processing on embedded CPUs.  The purpose of this team is to support and enhance DSP applications on ARM by developing and maintaining libraries, algorithms, tool chains etc. for ARM’s Cortex-M microcontroller CPUs which are widely used for audio, motor control, sensing and many other signal processing tasks.  The team will comprise several roles, some at senior level, including a team leader.DSP software engineers’ roleThe DSP software engineering team will target a range of ARM CPU devices and development tools to produce and maintain a complimentary set of DSP libraries, algorithms and additional tools for ARM users worldwide.  The team will work closely with the CPU product marketing team which is distributed around ARM’s US and European offices, including Sophia.  The overall objective is to remove barriers to use, enhance performance and efficiency, expand the scope of applications and minimise the users’ time to market.  The team will play a central role in forming ARM’s Cortex-M DSP strategy and value proposition, working on existing and future roadmap CPUs to accelerate new product introduction and take-up of new products.  A wide range of applications will be addressed including classic DSP and new technologies such as neural networks.  Although the team’s role is highly technical requiring hands-on experience with software analysis, optimization and implementation, it also requires good understanding of market requirements and competitive solutions in each application space. AccountabilitiesThe DSP software engineer(s) will:* Write and maintain DSP library functions for ARM CPUs* Write and maintain stock algorithms and applications for ARM CPUs such as audio codecs and motor control* Ensure and fill gaps in applicable toolchains for algorithm development and simulation* Benchmark algorithms and applications for competitive performance and efficiency* Engage with engineers developing new CPUs and software tools to provide feedback and provide data-driven collateral for customers* Develop and publish customer presentations, application notes, white papers, webcasts etc. for programming DSP on ARM.  Both NDA and public* Monitor and contribute to ARM DSP-related web activity on developer.arm.com and open source web sites* Support sales, marketing and FAE engagements with customers seeking DSP solutions

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