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CDI Machine Learning engineer (H/F)

chez Celad à Sophia-Antipolis en categorie informatique-software

We are currently recruiting for a talented and passionate machine learning engineer with solid background in speech processing and acoustics to join the team of our client based in Sophia Antipolis.

Key Responsibility:
You will work closely with an Audio System Architect and a DSP Designer, and you will design and develop products that are low power and Innovative. This includes development of new IP, core algorithm development, or intake of the right technology from research institutes.


Master in Science or Master in Engineering and experience with strong experience in machine learning and in digital signal processing theory .Neurol network is a must
Preferably up to 5 – 10 years’ work experience;
Excellent knowledge about audio, statistics and machine learning methods (DNN, CNN, hidden Markov model, support vector machine, speech recognition, and classifier);
Understanding how speech recognition works
Excellent experience with algorithm design in Matlab;
Experience with practices for developing software products in embedded platform
Solid knowledge of two or more of the following topics:
Model adaptation
ARM cores and development tools
IoTplatform and framework
Fluent in English
If you are interested in the above job opportunity, please send your resume

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